One of the interesting things about creating this website is that i have been able to create things myself. The audio tracks are quite basic at the moment, especially as i have much grander things in my head. However it has brought me to a place of deciding that the advancements in technology still cannot replace the thrill of playing alongside other musicians. There is that moment when it all connects and you can feel everyone going with the moment. When i grew up and first started playing the guitar the technology just wasn’t there. We didn’t even have computers, let alone the ability to record at home. We recorded onto cassette tapes and the quality never matched the sound of the moment. Now you only the ability to cut and paste loops of someone elses genius, plug in a mic, sing someone elses words and burn it as a remix.

To be honest those days when it took effort and practice to get it right and you co-ordinated 4 or 5 people to meet together to get those precious moments, it just seemed hard. But now, looking back, I would still prefer jamming in a shed to creating a masterpiece sat in front of a computer alone.

If you are beginning on this journey or you feel like its all a bit sterile go and find some musicians and play just for the fun of it. At first it will be hard but you will begin to gel and then watch the music flow. Music is best felt and shared with others. Don’t talk about money, band names or stardom just the music.

So often music is about the money these days. It has to happen quick or not at all. So many people have asked me how much money have you made from the website so far. I haven’t but i am enjoying myself creating. I know the money will come.

I am glad for all the great moments i had that haven’t been recorded but they are in my memory. The pleasure of just being around people, musicians who love to play.

Good music still takes time, effort, skill and heart. Enjoy before you earn. Experience as you learn.

I have added some of my recorded music in the section “Instrumental Music”. Have a listen and let me know what you think. Please.

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