Hello. I struggled for a while over what to put on my blog. I wanted to write about music and my passion for it, but I found that when you awaken passion it flows into all the areas of your life. So my dilemma was is this the right place to share my other passions. My wife is a very wise woman who said – “whose blog is it? Is it about you? What is worse, writing nothing while you make a big decision or just realizing that there is no big decision and just write?”

Well isn’t life so much simpler when you ask the right questions.

So what am I passionate about? My wife – clever woman that she is. My sons growing to be men. I love teaching because I learn so much. I love creating ways to make money that doesn’t take me out of the home and away from my family.

I have been reading a lot and watching documentaries and they all lead me to a conclusion – that if I spend┬áless than I create I am rich. I have been told that I cannot live on what I get but here I am living a good life and moving forward all the time. At the moment I have to admit centrelink pays my wages but I am busy working towards a future that frees me from dependence while not destroying my relationships with my family in the process. My creativity is up and I have learned that my greatest asset is my brain and my desire to use it. I am not sure what the whole future holds but I know that it is in my hands and it is up to me to mould it into my dreams.

Watch this space for more passion.

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