The passion is back!

Sometimes you have just got to believe that you can re find your passion. When I decided to start playing guitar again it didn’t come easy straight away but I kept trying. I decided to play for 30 minutes a day whether I wanted to or not. Apart from being ill recently I have maintained this discipline and now I am pleased to say that 30 minutes of playing is no longer hard.

I have downloaded the chords for songs I have never played before and I am thoroughly enjoying myself. It is like I am learning all over again but with a lot of skills to help me. I did think about all the old songs I already knew but decided I need new everything. Maybe one day I will go back to old favourites but not now.

So the passion wasn’t dead just buried under a whole load of negative experiences. I can and will turn it around even if it takes months. However if it takes days I will be happy as well.

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