Look for bass book number 2. The first book took a lot of time and now i am feeling confident that the second will be a much easier story. I suppose i could rant and rave about how long the first book took and all the disappointments along the way but even though it was all those things i learned a lot. I am better prepared for the coming books and songs and music jobs. My mum used to say “When everything seems to be going wrong just take the next step and sooner or later you will get there.”  Well i think i took a lot of steps and now i think i have got there.  So where is my next destination? If i keep taking steps I’ll know some time in the future. Right now it’s exciting to not know everything about the future, just an assurance that i can live it and it won’t break me.

Lately i have been meeting some really great people and my creativity has never been better. I know that i need other people in my life to bounce off. Not because we both gain something but just for the fun of doing something great. I watched a movie the other day and i am looking for a copy to keep. The title really doesn’t do the movie justice. It is called “The 3 Idiots.” There was so many truths in this movie that it would take to long to list them all but the one in my mind right now said “Pursue  excellence and success will chase  after you, pants down.” You would have to watch the movie to get the “pants down” bit. So i have decided to pursue excellence and excellent people and let success find me.


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