Hello. I have been going through a journey in my life over the last two weeks that has brought me back to the dreams of my childhood and teens. I have sat down and started from the point of view that I am my greatest asset. I have lived and learned for the last 50 years and accumulated the ability to create ideas, then break them down into components, research the best way to realize each component and therefore complete the idea. Sometimes the ideas are huge and scary but when I break them down into what can I do today to move closer to the goal scary is gone. A win under your belt leads to another and another, then even a setback becomes a new opportunity. Wow a problem helps me go somewhere I hadn’t thought of before.

My life this week has been a round of possibilities and big ideas, excitement and a renewal. I know I am not young again but I feel like that young man who left home believing the world was his oyster. I have no concrete plans but lots of ideas to research and lots of steps towards big ideas.

Life is good.

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