I have been busy the last few days. I went to encourage a friend to get out of a toxic job that was making them sick. They are a brilliant person in their field and yet they are under appreciated. They have so much valuable information to sell but are put off by the whole management of it. So there I was saying to them to pay someone to do the things they can’t. They said I have no money to pay someone so I said tell this person ‘I will pay you 10% of everything you earn for me.” They thought for a moment and said “What about you, will you do it.” What an opportunity, yes I will.” We have talked twice since and have a clear direction to get started and I couldn’t be happier. My friend will soon be free of that toxic job and I get paid to help them.

Today I started learning about another one of my passions – share trading. I love numbers and turning them into money. Shares are a great way to do it. So I found a share market game where I can trade shares with virtual money and try out my ideas without losing any money of my own. The winner of the game is the person with the most amount of money at the end and the prize is $3000 of real money. Everyone starts with $50,000. However the game started in February so I am behind. But today I made $262 profit in my first day. I started the day ranked 4,212 out 10,000 but I think that tomorrow I will have moved up. I have a plan for tomorrow and we will see. For me this is like playing computer games that stretch your mind. I am learning a lot and having fun.

I also taught guitar and recorded a piece of music that I hope will be used in a short movie. I am sitting here tired but really up. Tomorrow I carry on working on my third book and record some more music. Maybe make some more (virtual) money on shares or lose some, spend time with my wife and kids and visit some friends to swap stories.

Life is good.

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