I haven’t posted for a while as i have been busy preparing for a performance. Recently a friend and i have been jamming, with guitars, in his shed. We started getting some good comments from the neighbours and so when the opportunity came to play at an event we took the chance. The only thing is my friend had never played to an audience before. I also planned for my wife to sing some songs. We didn’t get the chance to practice much and the days before she was very nervous and not completely happy with me. My friends nerves also began to fray. The day before the event there was much practising and still a lot of nerves. I have performed many times alone and many times with my wife, who has a beautiful voice, and nerves are not something i have to deal with much but even i was nervous. We got there on the day to play for a breakfast crowd and a lunch crowd. The food was plentiful and very tasty so the crowd was in good humour. After a nervous start we grew in confidence and the 45 minute set passed at lightening speed. There was applause and as we moved amongst people there were compliments for both my wife, with her beautiful voice, and my friend who was singing better and better. I really felt good for them, especially my friend who couldn’t wait to get into the second set. The day finished on a high as the choir, who were singing after us, applauded our performance and congratulated us.

I know this performance will not make any headlines but for my friend it was a triumph where he overcame his fears and enjoyed the memory. My advice to him and anyone else is “you are going to make mistakes and you are going to forget words but those moments of pure genius when it all goes right will carry you through.”

Every musician lives for those moments when that indescribable something happens and you feel the music taking you to another place. If you get the pleasure of sharing it with an audience it is so incredible that you will dream about it years later.

When i arrived on that day i didn’t know how we would go but there were a couple of indescribable moments that we would never have had if we had stayed in the comfort of the shed, locked away from the world, playing it safe.

There are no incredible moments in playing it safe, only regrets. When i am older and all i have is my memories i would much rather dream of incredible moments than be subject to regrets. What about you?


Playing to an audience of eaters. — 4 Comments

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