Play it my way Sam

One of the things I love about music is that you can take a well known song and recreate it in your own style. Often when I have played in bands I would get some bright eyed person come up and say that I hadn’t played the song like the C.D. I learnt to smile and thank them for listening so intently to the band – I really appreciated their comments. Then another person would come up and say that they really enjoyed our interpretation of the song.

I realised that they both came from different points of view. One loved the C.D. version and expected to hear that every time whereas the other listened to what was there and decided whether or not they liked it as a piece of music. Neither one is wrong or right but when I realised this I stopped taking every comment personally.

I now play music for me, in my way, and if others like it that is a bonus. that doesn’t give me the excuse to be really bad but I know that there will be those who like my style and there will be those who don’t. If I don’t offer myself then I don’t really have anything to offer and I will chase others approval round and round in ever decreasing circles.

I may never be famous and loved by all but I know that I can hold my head and be proud of me.

So here are some tracks that I have created, being me.


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