Learn to be The Completely Passionate Bassist


This book is the first in a series of six books that I believe will take you, the reader, on a journey to becoming a completely passionate bassist. Passion says I can, when there is no reason to. I have to say that playing music is so much more than notes and rhythm; it is creating moods, painting pictures and telling stories. It’s about the communication of the soul, a language that is global and timeless. As a guitar and bass teacher, of 30 years, I have learnt that my role is not about me looking good and being admired but it is about me helping you to realise how much you can create. Do you want to create music that inspires others? Book one lays the foundation with the all important technique. Then you are ready to move on and build more and more until you are free to fly solo. If you feel curious join me on this journey and see. Steve. 


If you want to buy this book click on this Url – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/307154?ref=StephenUtting

I have found that i become stagnant and predictable when i try to create  alone, but when i open myself to others i become better. It is interesting that i have gained a lot of knowledge of music but that cannot replace inspiration and enjoyment. I have often wondered what is the difference between two musicians who can play the same chords and rhythms, except one inspires the listener and the other plays well. Heart makes the difference. I know that when my heart is fully excited about my music it sounds and feels different. I feel confident sharing the music with others.

I am keen to collaborate with more people. Create in new ways. Expand my heart and love of music. Hopefully inspire others.

Look for bass book number 2. The first book took a lot of time and now i am feeling confident that the second will be a much easier story. I suppose i could rant and rave about how long the first book took and all the disappointments along the way but even though it was all those things i learned a lot. I am better prepared for the coming books and songs and music jobs. My mum used to say “When everything seems to be going wrong just take the next step and sooner or later you will get there.”  Well i think i took a lot of steps and now i think i have got there.  So where is my next destination? If i keep taking steps I’ll know some time in the future. Right now it’s exciting to not know everything about the future, just an assurance that i can live it and it won’t break me.

Lately i have been meeting some really great people and my creativity has never been better. I know that i need other people in my life to bounce off. Not because we both gain something but just for the fun of doing something great. I watched a movie the other day and i am looking for a copy to keep. The title really doesn’t do the movie justice. It is called “The 3 Idiots.” There was so many truths in this movie that it would take to long to list them all but the one in my mind right now said “Pursue  excellence and success will chase  after you, pants down.” You would have to watch the movie to get the “pants down” bit. So i have decided to pursue excellence and excellent people and let success find me.


Hi. Feeling good at the moment.  Someone has given me the opportunity to submit some music for a Tv series.  So i am back composing and loving it, creating ideas for a brief. Finding inspiration from Tv shows and You Tube. Then there is my cd collection.  Music coming in and out and all over me. What more can i say.

A little while ago i gave a cd of my music to a friend and she came back and thanked me. I was blown away. It is always hard to share yourself with someone but i am glad i did.  After her response i started putting my music online and i have grown in confidence, but what of her. She is now designing my ebook front covers. She has been unsure but i have no doubts that she is talented.  Sarah is a pleasure to work with and it is refreshing to find someone that is so talented and humble with it. Keep up the good work my friend and you will go far.

Reflecting on life in a passionate world i have been listening to new music and being inspired again. Last week i recorded my sons banging a collection of household items and i am working on a rhythm track. Then we are adding mouth sounds and see where we end up. It could a cacophony of noise or a revelation of brilliance or just plain fun. I have been watching a DVD of “The Script” and there was the behind the scenes section. One persons comment hit me and i replayed it. “Their songs are like they are writing my life.” The power of music to communicate to thousands and each feel the connection that is personal and real. I have learned the band are a bunch of guys who seem amazed at their success and just love their lives. The music is excellent and i am looking forward to more viewing. I am going into the studio for the first time in ages and i am excited and nervous, but more excited. I am recording music for my books and a few songs, so watch this space. See you. Steve.

Hello. This week has been exciting – the publication of my first ebook called “The Completely Passionate Bassist”. Go to Smashwords.com and put Stephen Utting in the author search and you will find the book.
I was writing a blurb for something to promote the book and for the first time I really felt comfortable calling myself an author. It’s been a bit scary because all the time you talk about doing something it’s somewhere out there and there is not enough for anyone to have an opinion on it. It’s not a solid thing that people can reject or ridicule. However there is no real satisfaction in never finishing something because of fear. Then there is the amazing thought that people may and do enjoy your creation. So I leapt into the abyss of success or failure and it actually feels better than standing on the edge wondering how it would feel to jump.
I still have a lot to learn but i am going to learn by doing, failing, succeeding and doing some more. My wife has committed to 3 years of study so I have committed to keep going for the same amount of time but I am hoping to be going longer.

Hello. It’s been a year of down, down, down and up. I have made some good friends along the way and simplified my life. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and what is really important. Everyone has their own opinion of what is important but for me it is waking up with an excitement about the possibilities of the day, every day not just the ones when something good is going to happen. I am blessed to have an incredible wife whose heart never missed a beat when the going got tough and two sons who just enjoyed having me around.

For a while we had internet, because of the generosity of friends, and I started with music for the passionate but then we moved and it was gone. Now we have our own home after being homeless for 9 months and we have internet again. I am just as passionate and also a bit wiser. I have decided to try and bring my teaching materials to people via E books through Smashwords.com. They are in the process of being finished and formatted and I am looking to publish new books on a regular basis. I have never thought that I would ever be published but I stand on the threshold of my future. Watch this space.

It’s been a while since my last post.  My life has been crazy. So many possibilities but no access to the internet. How good is it that the local library has internet. Musically I have been writing new songs and composing music for a movie. I have been encouraging others to use what they have in there hands instead of worrying abut what they don’t have. One guy has gone out and bought a computer recording setup and played a gig solo. He is like a child at christmas and it has been encouraging to me to see him grow in confidence. My renewed excitement has been a direct result of getting this website up and running and have others giving me positive feedback. I love seeing others grow. Last week one of my students gave her first performance to her family after 5 lessons. We played a piece together and she got very excited that she had achieved something. Her family were equally pleased and i know that the lessons from now on are going to be more enjoyable for her and me. I am looking forward to sharing more of the music coming out of my collaborations or even from some of the talented people i know who don’t have the confidece to share on their own. At the moment the computer with all my teaching material has crashed and won’t even start, so there will be a delay in more teaching chapters but they will come some time in the future. All the best Steve.

I wanted to take this time to say a big thank-you to everyone who has taken the time to write encouraging comments to my pages and posts. It has been an exciting time reading your thoughts. With people from many countries, including Brazil, U.k., America and Seychelles as well as here in Australia. A number of people have said that they want to follow my posts and for those of you that haven’t done this, please go to the subscriptions section and put your email in there. You will receive any new posts i write.

The other thing i would like to bring to your attention is the DONATE button. Please do not misunderstand, i am not doing this for money and that is why there is only one button and no further reference to it through all my pages and posts. However, if you can afford the cost of a cup of tea then i would be grateful. If you cannot, then please enjoy anyway.

The school holidays here have enabled me to take more time for this website and as a result i have been able to add  6 more pages. I did want to add more audio tracks but they will come later.

I am really enjoying seeing that people are learning from the knowledge i have gained. It has laid dormant for a long time and now i can share it. It is interesting that i was able to overcome the barrier of the internet once i overcame it in my mind. Lately i have been wondering what else do i have in my mind that needs overcoming. I realised i could be busy for a long time. How about you? Is your mind getting in the way of your creative genius? Have you settled for second best because you stopped believing in yourself?

Doubt is a killer and i have made the decision not to doubt any more. The words of encouragement i have received have made me realise that i am not alone but part of the great melting pot that this world is. Thank you again and please continue to enjoy.

I saw this You tube clip today and enjoyed it as the first musician seemed alone to start with but watch and see what happens:-

In my last post i said i was about to try out for a band. I did that last weekend and it was an interesting experience. They were looking for a thrashing, genius, rock’n’roll lead guitar player. I didn’t fit the bill. They were all in there forties or fifties and were talking about going on tour and record deals. I however saw ordinary songs and ordinary players. It was fun as a jam but i knew it wasn’t going any further. Every song had a guitar solo section and i struggled to find 16 bars of creativity for evey song. So we parted company. As i was driving home i began to think about where i am in life. I am in my forties and i have played a lot of music. I realised that being famous and rich had lost it’s appeal to me. At home i had a wife who loves me even though she knows my faults and 2 sons who want Dad around. I have learned to enjoy the music i do and the people this puts me in contact with. Nothing is about fame and fortune now and i am happier for it.

The amazing thing is that i haven’t been trying to be successful and suddenly i am getting offers to play and people wanting to connect with me. A friend has the dream to make a movie. He has written the script and has producers, actors and even some financial backing. I get to have a go at writing the music for the movie. I get to work from home (when we get one), around my family’s needs, watch movies as research and listen to their music. I want to use strings so get to listen to my favourite classical composers to get idea’s for string parts. Life is very cool. The movie may not make it big but we are enjoying the process.

I wonder where i would be now if i had learned, as a young man, to just enjoy the process instead of only being focussed on being famous. Still i am there now.

I was reading a facebook message by a young guy who is a musician and he was down because no-one was buying his music. I remember being there but i shared with him where i am and hopefully he will get his focus back on the music.

Just to let you know about the house, we lost ours to the bank some months ago. The auction is in 7 days. We live in a converted shed in a friends garden. It is a nice shed, has electricity but no water. We are glad that we have a roof over heads as there are plenty of others who don’t. We are happy because we are a family and we are together. There was a time when i worked 60 hours every week, i didn’t have time for my family and i didn’t play music. I just existed to pay bills. There are many people who have openly told me that i am crazy for giving up work but a home without love is just as much a prison as one with bars.

I can honestly say that money comes and goes, things are new for only a few days, but love endures. I am a lucky man to have love and it has inspired my music to even greater heights.