Well would you believe it that I went to work on the project and had to print a couple of things first. While printing there was a bang and everything went off. After resetting the mains electricity the only thing that would not work was my computer. I took it too a computer repairer today and got the “oh my that’s really old. I am not sure there are parts for that.” After some discussion I was offered a solution that was either get mine repaired, but it is old, or upgrade to another computer that may be compatible with the files I have it may not. The hard drives may work, they may not. I could lose all my programs but I could just buy new ones. This the second repair I have had to do on this computer and it is looking like repairs could become a regular part of my life. However the newer computer poses a lot of stress and what ifs and maybes.

Music is on hold because of the pending doom of spend, spend, spend now or spend, spend, spend later. I have some money that I have saved and my music is really important to me but I am tired that computers are money pits that promise much and offer a lot less.

I am going to have to bite the bullet and spend now, work through the stress and hopefully come out the other end free to create again.

I know there is not a great deal of passion in todays blog but the reality is that sometimes to enjoy the thrill of passion you have to embrace the pain and move on. The one thing that I know won’t help is doing nothing. Maybe this is another test to move me forward. I believe that there is a lesson to be learned in everything.

Just this week my youngest son felt some serious pain. His room was getting smaller and smaller because he never put anything away. So he had the pain of tidying his whole room. So far it has taken him 5 hours although some of that was him complaining that no-one was helping him. I smiled and let him feel the pain. Today his room is tidier and he has been bringing these amazing things to show us that he hasn’t seen for months. I gave him the task of getting a piece of paper and on one side listing the benefits of a messy room and on the other the benefits of a tidy room. The first side had the words “nothing at all”. The other side had 6 different reasons for a tidy room. He has written it and it is going on his bedroom door. Every time he leaves the room he will be introduced to the benefits of a tidy room. I wonder if it will have an affect.

I have known for about a year that I need to spend money on my computer, now I have got to do it.

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