I’ve been out of work for 3 years. I have been refused interviews for jobs that I am over qualified for. I am 50 and I am looking at who am I. Am I lazy and living off the hard work of others or am I a man who has realised that I must take control of my life and not rely  on the idea that some one will employ me. I have a good brain, a drive for life and years of experience. Like my friend that I talked about in my last post I choose to respect myself even if employers don’t. At the moment my life is in transition. I no longer believe that there is a job out there for me. I now know that I must create my income for myself.

Once I got my head around the idea of working for myself it actually began to be exciting. Nearly a month later and I haven’t earned any money but my life has changed and I know it is only a matter of time before the money follows. I have been listening to a free online conference by creative people who run online businesses and the information has been priceless. I have learnt that it is all about relationships and that asking the right questions opens doors that otherwise stay shut. It is not about sell, sell, sell it is about how can I help you achieve what you need and therefore achieve what I need.

Soul searching for me means that the future looks good. The future isn’t tomorrow or the next day but looking at 2 years time and working towards it today and tomorrow.



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