Reflecting on life in a passionate world i have been listening to new music and being inspired again. Last week i recorded my sons banging a collection of household items and i am working on a rhythm track. Then we are adding mouth sounds and see where we end up. It could a cacophony of noise or a revelation of brilliance or just plain fun. I have been watching a DVD of “The Script” and there was the behind the scenes section. One persons comment hit me and i replayed it. “Their songs are like they are writing my life.” The power of music to communicate to thousands and each feel the connection that is personal and real. I have learned the band are a bunch of guys who seem amazed at their success and just love their lives. The music is excellent and i am looking forward to more viewing. I am going into the studio for the first time in ages and i am excited and nervous, but more excited. I am recording music for my books and a few songs, so watch this space. See you. Steve.

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