Hello. Today I took a step forward in my journey to realize my dream of having a successful business that helps people realize their musical dreams. I am on the whole illiterate when It comes to how to make things happen on wordpress. I have taken a long time to master posts and pages, urls and short code, but today I set-up my E-Store and Shopping cart all by myself. I found the right tutorial for my product and followed it. When I hit a problem I went back and tried something else and it worked.

I was amazed at my own ability and the fact that I stuck with it until I figured it out. So my first Store item is available and there will be many more. I can only get better from here. I know there is much more work to do but I feel elated and for now that is pretty good.

I have been listening to a series of talks by creative people who have successful online businesses via the Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit. The annual event is finished now but I highly recommend it to anyone who thinks they can’t be successful. Like me, these are ordinary people who dared to say I can do it, and did.

I am going to sleep well tonight after my mammoth achievement.


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