Hello. It’s been a year of down, down, down and up. I have made some good friends along the way and simplified my life. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and what is really important. Everyone has their own opinion of what is important but for me it is waking up with an excitement about the possibilities of the day, every day not just the ones when something good is going to happen. I am blessed to have an incredible wife whose heart never missed a beat when the going got tough and two sons who just enjoyed having me around.

For a while we had internet, because of the generosity of friends, and I started with music for the passionate but then we moved and it was gone. Now we have our own home after being homeless for 9 months and we have internet again. I am just as passionate and also a bit wiser. I have decided to try and bring my teaching materials to people via E books through Smashwords.com. They are in the process of being finished and formatted and I am looking to publish new books on a regular basis. I have never thought that I would ever be published but I stand on the threshold of my future. Watch this space.

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