Hello. This week has been exciting – the publication of my first ebook called “The Completely Passionate Bassist”. Go to Smashwords.com and put Stephen Utting in the author search and you will find the book.
I was writing a blurb for something to promote the book and for the first time I really felt comfortable calling myself an author. It’s been a bit scary because all the time you talk about doing something it’s somewhere out there and there is not enough for anyone to have an opinion on it. It’s not a solid thing that people can reject or ridicule. However there is no real satisfaction in never finishing something because of fear. Then there is the amazing thought that people may and do enjoy your creation. So I leapt into the abyss of success or failure and it actually feels better than standing on the edge wondering how it would feel to jump.
I still have a lot to learn but i am going to learn by doing, failing, succeeding and doing some more. My wife has committed to 3 years of study so I have committed to keep going for the same amount of time but I am hoping to be going longer.


First ebook available. — 2 Comments

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