Finding my old love again.

I went through a period of feeling sorry for myself and not wanting to have any part of music. I had been in a trio and thought this was going to be it. I loved playing the music and was enjoying the success that was beginning. But it was not to be and I packed away my instruments and decided to never play again. I buried myself in being successful in other areas and tried hard to tell myself it was the best choice. That was over a year ago and recently I toyed with the idea of selling my instruments. I thought I will just play them for a couple of times and then sell them. I played my guitar one night and an idea for a song began. It really shocked me. It has been a couple of weeks and I haven’t changed my mind but the more I play the more the choice is easier to make. This week I was asked to bring my guitar to a party. I did and I can’t say it went well but I played and sang and it felt good.

Will the future hold musical success and fame or more personal enjoyment but one is for certain. I won’t be selling anything and I will be writing new songs. Maybe they will end up on You Tube and I will celebrate my old love again.


Finding my old love again. — 2 Comments

  1. Steve,
    You were made by Him as He intended; He put your genes together for His own pleasure and for His own reasons; the whole universe is musical:
    You can’t deny this and you shouldn’t deny yourself – for His sake..
    You have work to do..

    Dean Kurtz put it this way:

    Because God’s express intention is to have this worship relationship with His creation, He endowed sentient beings with the gift of communication, specifically the gift of music. Music is not the creation of human culture but a reflection of it. Ultimately, the fact that God is a musical God and has shared with angels and man this musical gift must temper every conversation about music’s moral character. It makes a difference that God, and not man, is the Author of music.

    God’s Word the Final Word on Worship and Music
     By Dean Kurtz

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