I have always found it interesting the way judges on talent shows say they are looking for that hidden talent but still seem to judge someone by their appearance. I was looking at Britain’s Got Talent 2012. The auditions give us the good, the bad, the ugly. Then there are those who look like they should be bad when they really are so much more than good. They are inspirational! They have to endure the humiliation of being judged before they are allowed any sort of opportunity. Then after all of that they blow everyone away.

The following clip shows a teenage singing duo that fit into this category.

The incredible thing for me, as a music teacher, is that their teacher saw more than just two voices that may work together. The teacher saw a teenage boy who needed to sing with another singer who was passionate about people’s rights, passionate about his right to be respected. The teacher chose a partner that met his needs. She was so much more than another singer, she stood up for him, she encouraged him when he faltered, she saw his genius.

When he was offered the opportunity of individual fame he knew that she was of greater value to him than fame. She had supported him and when the opportunity came he showed how much he valued her.

For me this is where passion unlocks a world that simple mechanics cannot.

The teacher knew they could sing, alone or together. The teacher knew that there is more to a performer than the mechanics of their instrument. Performers need to be vulnerable to be great, they are passionate and that passion can be as destructive as it can bring out the genius.

For me these young singers have a lot to thank their teacher for. This teacher is passionate about them as people.

If you are looking to learn anything from a teacher, look for someone who will be passionate about you.

Good luck. They are out there.


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. — 8 Comments

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