I wanted to take this time to say a big thank-you to everyone who has taken the time to write encouraging comments to my pages and posts. It has been an exciting time reading your thoughts. With people from many countries, including Brazil, U.k., America and Seychelles as well as here in Australia. A number of people have said that they want to follow my posts and for those of you that haven’t done this, please go to the subscriptions section and put your email in there. You will receive any new posts i write.

The other thing i would like to bring to your attention is the DONATE button. Please do not misunderstand, i am not doing this for money and that is why there is only one button and no further reference to it through all my pages and posts. However, if you can afford the cost of a cup of tea then i would be grateful. If you cannot, then please enjoy anyway.

The school holidays here have enabled me to take more time for this website and as a result i have been able to add  6 more pages. I did want to add more audio tracks but they will come later.

I am really enjoying seeing that people are learning from the knowledge i have gained. It has laid dormant for a long time and now i can share it. It is interesting that i was able to overcome the barrier of the internet once i overcame it in my mind. Lately i have been wondering what else do i have in my mind that needs overcoming. I realised i could be busy for a long time. How about you? Is your mind getting in the way of your creative genius? Have you settled for second best because you stopped believing in yourself?

Doubt is a killer and i have made the decision not to doubt any more. The words of encouragement i have received have made me realise that i am not alone but part of the great melting pot that this world is. Thank you again and please continue to enjoy.

I saw this You tube clip today and enjoyed it as the first musician seemed alone to start with but watch and see what happens:-


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